Oslo Triennale to Join the Future Architecture Platform in 2019

Oslo Triennale to Join the Future Architecture Platform in 2019

The Oslo Architecture Triennale (OAT), with its 2019 edition Common Futures – the architecture of degrowth, has been selected to become a full member of the Future Architecture platform and receive a platform grant in 2019.

OAT aims to invite five to ten emerging creatives from the Future Architecture platform to participate in the main program of the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019.

The main program, curated by the Triennale’s chief curators, is at the core of the Triennale and is developed over two years of research and investigations prior to the Triennale. It comprises at least one main exhibition, an international conference, a public space art project, an international student forum, and a physical publication.

In 2019, the main program will also include a digital editorial project, which will offer an opportunity to promote emerging European voices in the established world of architecture biennials and triennials. The aim is to also invite emerging creatives to participate in a variety of physical events, that offer a space for direct engagement with a wide audience.

OAT, with its extensive international network, brings an important arena for dissemination of new knowledge and promotion of new ideas about how to shape cities and communities for future generations.

With this new collaboration, Future Architecture platform and OAT will be able to both provide, and itself absorb, new knowledge and insight concerning important European issues of architecture and urbanism.

Image: Spectral Immersions by George Themistokleous



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