Launch of the book VRT IN PRISPODOBA (Garden and Metaphor)

Pogovor, Discussion / 26. 11. 2021 / 14:00

Launch of the book VRT IN PRISPODOBA (Garden and Metaphor)

Pogovor, Discussion / 26. 11. 2021 / 14:00

Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, and Museum of Architecture and Design announce the launch of the book VRT IN PRISPODOBA (Garden and Metaphor) which will take place on Friday, November 26, from 2 to 3:30 PM (CET).


Current social contexts and the many meanings and readings of the garden will be presented by Andrew Benjamin, Mladen Dolar, Urška Jurman and Kinga Szilágyi, four of the 34 authors who contributed their thoughts to the book.


The presentation, in English, will be moderated by author and co-editor, Ana Kučan.

You are cordially invited to join us online, at: Facebook or YouTube MAO



With its varied perspectives, the book Garden and Metaphor unveils the multilayered contextual essence of the garden, reaching beyond its self-evident presence and opening up questions of the essence of the garden and what it represents. In this sense, the book is an interdisciplinary exploration of what might be called the heart of landscape architecture and explores more recent, contemporary concepts of (re)designing nature in both public and private life. Renowned experts from landscape architecture, architecture, art history, philosophy, and sociology, as well as artists and authors, situate the garden in the context of contemporary life and attendant pressing social issues. Thus, the book constitutes a unique collection of essays about the meaning and role of the garden for the quality of life on this planet, where human beings and nature are (once again) inextricably linked.

The book is dedicated to Dušan Ogrin (1929–2019), landscape architect, professor, and founder of the study of landscape architecture at the University of Ljubljana.


Edited by: Ana Kučan and Mateja Kurir


Written by: Jože Barši, Andrew Benjamin, Erika Bordon, Lisa Diedrich, Mladen Dolar, Pavel Gantar, Davorin Gazvoda, João Gomes da Silva, Barbara Habič Pregl, Urška Jurman, Dževad Karahasan, Dean Komel, Miklavž Komelj, Miloš Kosec, Lev Kreft, Ana Kučan, Mateja Kurir, Lilli Lička, Janez Marušič, Jure Mikuž, Olaf Nicolai, Martin Prominski, Martin Rein-Cano, Gerard Reinmuth, Carl Steinitz, Kinga Szilágy, Marc Treib, Aleš Vodopivec, Sven-Olov Wallenstein, Catharine Ward Thompson, Udo Weilacher, Saskia de Wit in Nadja Zgonik.


Publishers: Biotechnica Faculty, University of Ljubljana and Museum for Architecture and Design

Photo: Jure Gubanc

Designed by: Ivian Kan Mujezinović


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