Founded in 1972 as the Architectural Museum Ljubljana, thus making it one of Europe’s oldest museums of architecture and design, MAO is today an example of the transformation of a museum into a dynamic institution with new functionalities. MAO is the caretaker and promotor of the world’s most comprehensive collection of Slovenian architectural and design heritage. MAO brings together curators, editors, and producers who take great care in collecting national heritage and designing contemporary programmes. MAO is a destination for professionals, students, and visitors interested in the principles and advantages of good architecture and design. It specifically addresses and is a source of inspiration to all those who are new to architecture, design and photography, helping them recognize the importance of preserved heritage for people’s lives, contemporary creative production, and future development. We are a national and international centre and hub for the transfer of knowledge in the fields of heritage and creativity, featuring innovative programme formats dedicated to the preservation of heritage and supporting emerging creatives.

MAO so dobro oblikovani programi z inovativnimi formati in zanimivimi imeni, namenjeni ohranjanju dediščine in podpori obetavnim ustvarjalcem.



The Centre for Creativity is a platform for the development of cultural and creative sectors, and the first national business development accelerator for professionals working in these sectors. Run by the Museum of Architecture and Design, and together with open calls of the Ministry of Culture, it forms the support framework for the development of the creative sector in Slovenia. The Centre’s programmes are aimed at strengthening the social and economic value of the sector while forging stronger ties with other sectors and the economy in general.


Founded in 1963 as the first design biennial in Europe, BIO is a production and exhibition project that employs the process of product design to discover the potential of the contemporary design discipline. BIO is an international platform for new approaches in design that works as a testing ground, where design is used as a tool to question and reshape our everyday life with the help of different multidisciplinary design approaches. Its projects are aimed at creating resilient structures that develop over time, beyond the duration of the Biennial.

Finished projects


The Future Architecture Platform is the first pan-European architectural platform that brings together emerging talents of different professions and enables them to present and develop their ideas for the future of cities and architecture. It was created at the initiative of the Museum of Architecture and Design and has been run by it since 2015 with the support of the Creative Europe programme. Currently, the platform connects 27 leading architectural institutions and organizations across Europe. 


Department of Design
Cvetka Požar
Museum Councillor
Špela Šubic
Museum Councillor
Department of Architecture
Bogo Zupančič
Museum Councillor
Tomaž Štoka
UNESCO Coordinator
Department of Photography
Events Department
Anja Radović
Curator, Head of BIO
Nikola Pongrac
Senior Curator, Project Manager
+ 386 (0)1 548 42 83
M + 386 (0)40 127 129
Neli Grafenauer
Head of Library
Marketing & PR
Ana Kandare
Head of Marketing
Smilja Štravs
Public Relations
Natalija Lapajne
Museum Counsellor
Maja Šuštaršič
Museum Counsellor
Admission Desk and Shop
Helena Potokar
Visitor Assistant
Katarina Metelko
Visitor Assistant
Technical Services
Matjaž Rozina
Tadej Golob
Joži Gregorič
Cleaning Service
Centre for Creativity (CfC)
Anja Zorko
Head of CzK
+ 386 (0)1 548 42 73
M + 386 (0)41 606 436
Pia Groleger
Project Coordinator
Hana Vardjan
Project Coordinator
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