MAO Collection

The museum’s collections include objects from the fields of 20th and 21st century architecture, design and photography. You are welcome to explore our on-line digitised collection of more than 80,000 museum artefacts and specimens.


The collections of the Museum of Architecture and Design are a repository of ideas and inspirations documenting the culture and creativity of 20th and 21st century architecture, design and photography in Slovenia. The purpose of our collection, conservation, research and exhibition activities is to create a databank of ideas and collective memories to serve future generations, while at the same time contribute to the promotion of ideas, information and values, both locally and internationally, in the present time.

Our collections comprise more than 80,000 works of architecture, design and photography, arranged over three extensive collections: architecture, design (industrial design and visual communications design) and photography. They represent the majority of prominent 20th century Slovenian architects, designers and photographers – in total more than 1000 authors.


The collections comprise objects, project designs and documents that have shaped and continue to shape our everyday life, and provide a source of inspiration, ideas, concepts and stimulus to many young researchers and enthusiasts. They are constantly updated and expanded, mainly through donations and occasionally purchasing, while their significance is explored through research, exhibitions, and interaction with our visitors.


Because of the nature of the work of architects and designers we also collect documents relevant for research of both, such as letters, photographs, audio and video material, books, magazines, advertising material, and other items contained in architectural or design archives. The Museum of Architecture and Design keeps a collection of more than 100,000 different objects that are testimony to the past and as such are important both for the present and the future of our society.


As the national museum of architecture and design, in 2010 the Museum of Architecture and Design put its programme on display with a large exhibition of all its collections, thereby opening its doors wide for curious inspection. MAO continues to utilize and expand this source of inspiration and research in architecture and design with numerous attractive exhibitions, publications and diverse programmes aimed at general audiences. At the same time, it seeks to position itself as a space for all who want to research, study and know more about how we inhabit our living spaces, how we organize, design, change and mark it, and thus make it our own.

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