Young visitors

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Schools and Preschools

In order to cater to our young visitors of various ages, skills and interests who are driven by curiosity, creative energy and passion for discovery, MAO curators have prepared a range of workshops focusing on particular topics, as well as guided tours of the museum and the city, to enable them to learn about architecture, design, and photography in a fun and educational way. After viewing our exhibitions, we tend to engage our young visitors in solving learning challenges and puzzles, offering them the opportunity to discover the exhibits on their own or try their hand at recreating the objects on display. Our guided tours of the city, for example Plečnik, Art Noveau and Modern Ljubljana tours, or a bout tour on the Ljubljanica river, help improve their powers of observation and offer them a live experience of the different areas of cultural heritage. The museum’s event programme offers a variety of starting points for workshops that can be tailored by our educators to meet the issues discussed within the regular school curriculum, thereby connecting the museum programme with school activity days, such as eco, technology or cultural day.

Sundays at MAO

Sundays at MAO are reserved for the entire family. While parents enjoy a guided tour of our current exhibition, their offspring learn about architecture through play and innovative creative workshops on a variety of topics and creative challenges. Events take place twice a month and are designed to cover the subject area of a current exhibition.



Summer School of Architecture for Children

The Summer School of Architecture is intended for children 6 to 14 years old, offering them a voyage of discovery through the many facets of architecture. Using different materials, shapes, colours, smells, and light, children learn about architecture, the significance of architectural heritage, and the dialogue between architecture and nature, while practical work enables them to develop their imagination, creativity, and independence. The Summer School of Architecture is a one-week summer workshop, and its programme is published one month in advance.

Mini MAO playset

We often find ourselves impressed and inspired by museum exhibitions that open up new questions and express our creative ideas. Unfortunately, there may also be times, as is the case now, when we cannot visit museums whenever we want. This is why we have designed puzzles and challenges for our young visitors to help them create their own museum experience in the safety of their home. The Mini MAO Playset can be a teaching aid for mentors and teachers, too. 


Birthday at MAO

Why not surprise your child and their friends with a fun and creative birthday party in a renaissance castle and its surroundings? For one day, children get to play courtiers and castle ladies, or can become famous architects, designers, and photographers. You can choose from various museum programmes and birthday themes, and with a little help from our museum entertainers your child’s birthday at MAO can turn into a truly unforgettable experience.

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