The Museum in Community 2

16. 5.—13. 10. 2024

The Museum in Community 2

16. 5.—13. 10. 2024

The Museum in Community 2

The Museum of Architecture and Design park

Five projects that form the exhibition in MAO park are the outcomes of collaboration between different organisations in the Fužine neighbourhood where MAO is located and students from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the Faculty of Arts. They tackled community challenges using design methods, approaches and tools. The exhibition presents the prototypes of social innovations that have the potential for realization.


The second edition of The Museum in Community picks up where the first left off, having laid the foundations for collective action of the Fužine community organizations. Our aim is to show how strong a community can be when it connects across generations and institutions. Architecture and design, as reflected in everyday life, are entry points for connecting with the community. The museum environment is a place for knowledge exchange and co-creation and represents a safe environment where we can think openly, ask questions, test ideas, exchange experiences, experiment, and debate.


By placing the scene of the event in the park, which connects the public space between the museum and the neighbourhood, we want to enable accessibility, to foster the inclusion of vulnerable groups and also attract those visitors who would not otherwise visit Fužine’s institutions. We are opening up MAO park as a space for community events that are shaped on intergenerational collaboration, knowledge-sharing within the community, public participation, and interaction between Fužine institutions. Through gatherings, events and workshops, we test the scope and effects of joint action, and we offer the presented social innovations a place to test them in reality.



16 May 2025, 17:00 – 21:00

Project presentation, community fair, creative workshops, and concert



16 May – 13 October 2024





Špela Banko, Lana Dragovan, Maja Mitrović and Monika Skledar in cooperation with District Community Moste, CONA Fužine, CONA Korak, and organisations indicated on the map.


The project consists of a map of the Fužine district and a notice board that displays information about Fužine organisations and their events. It is designed so as to provide residents with an overview of organisations and their programmes. It presents schools, cultural and social care institutions, societies, initiatives, and other public services that they may be unfamiliar with. The notice board serves to inform residents about topical events organised by these organisations. The project seeks to  build connections between residents in Fužine.



Andrea Aleksić, Aljaž Bogataj, Suzana Ugovšek, Aja Vogrinčič in cooperation with CAF and CONA Korak.


Many Fužine residents live in homes that are too small to accommodate a workshop in which they could repair things, do their DIY projects, and develop their creativity. The project proposes a mobile workshop that residents and organisations could use when necessary. By sharing tools and space we promote sustainable co-use and repair, not discard initiatives. We create a space for knowledge-sharing, intergenerational collaboration, and interaction between workshop users. 



Ana Frank Bogataj, Novka Bojić, Laura Iskra, Lea Sedevčič in cooperation with SPM, CONA Fužine, CONA Korak and CAF.


Fužine’s 3C is a festival that celebrates the cultural diversity of Fužine, designed based on the initiatives and needs of local residents and organisations. Combining culture, culinary arts, and cinema it promotes collaboration between Fužine residents, brings them together, fosters neighbourhood solidarity, and invites everyone to join in and contribute their piece to the mosaic of cultures in Fužine. We are preparing an exciting programme of cultural and creative workshops, musical numbers, and conversations between authors and Fužine residents. The event will conclude in the evening with a film screening in an open-air cinema set up specially for this occasion.


The prototype of the event will take place on the Museum Summer Night on Saturday, 15 June 2024 between 6 pm and midnight. We look forward to seeing you there!



Teja Gregorič, Nikita Kokot, Nik Leban, Nina Petrič in cooperation with SPM, CONA Fužine, CONA Korak and CAF.


The mailbox allows children and youngsters to anonymously share their reflections on the activities offered by Fužine organisations. The idea is to provide a space for them to express themselves without the pressure of their peers, parents, teachers, or other adults. This way, we seek to actively involve children in the decision-making process.



Klementina Berginc Nonino, Zala Ferjančič, Anja Majcen, Dino Spahić in cooperation with Ljubiša Maksimović, Marko Puškarić (Slovenian Environmental Agency –ARSO), CAF, CONA Fužine and CONA Korak.


The team discussed the future of cohabitation between nature and humans (EUTOPIA). In the museum park we set up a project that interactively involves visitors and guides them through the park through a series of questions, encouraging their curiosity and engaging them to learn about the park’s natural habitat and ecosystem.




Curator: Maja Šuštaršič; Assistant Curator: Blažka Kirm; Design: Boštjan Botas Kenda, ALUO students; Photos: Matjaž Rušt, Katja Goljat; Public Relations: Smilja Štravs; Marketing: Ana Kandare; MAO Support: Neli Grafenauer, Technical Support: Matjaž Rozina, Tadej Golob


Education Mentors: Prof. Nives Ličen, PhD, Department for Pedagogy and Andragogy, UL FF; Prof. Boštjan Botas Kenda, PhD, UL ALUO; Asst. Prof. Emil Kozole, UL ALUO; Miha Artnak, design studio Ljudje


Knowledge Mentors: Monika Šparl, Fužine Activity Centre (CAF); Marjetka Čermelj, Vito Simunišek, Youth Community Programmes (SPM); Tea Kos, CONA Korak; Kristina Ribič, CONA Fužine; Igor Bole, Peter Vučković, Iva Svilenković, District Community Moste (ČS Moste); Matija Puškarič, Katarina Zajec, Fužine Retirement Home (DSO Fužine); Ljubiša Maksimović.


UL ALUO students, Graphic Design (MA): Andrea Aleksić, Špela Banko, Ana Frank Bogataj, Teja Gregorič, Nik Leban, Anja Majcen, Maja Mitrović, Dino Spahić, Aja Vogrinčič


UL FF students, Andragogy (MA), course Community Education: Klementina Berginc Nonino, Novka Bojić, Lana Dragovan, Zala Ferjančič, Laura Iskra, Nikita Kokot, Nina Petrič, Lea Sedevčič, Monika Skledar, Suzana Ugovšek







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