home by dekleva gregorič architects

home by dekleva gregorič architects

The book published by Museum of Architecture and Design illustrates a series of distinct buildings and projects, allegedly belonging to the realm of individual dwelling, created over a decade of Dekleva Gregorič architects, and presents them in comprehensive and comparative mode. Selected projects span diverse climates and localities, where each project is a particular response to intense research of specific constrains and conditions of the context addressing various notions of home that become the ultimate generative tools aiming to challenge the obvious. The individual houses, objects of experiment, appear as shelters operating as interfaces between nature and humans, cultivating the small scale as the potential for sustainability.

The concluding project [Home at Arsenale] for La Biennale di Venezia intentionally reflects practice’s approach to thinking and making architecture, underlining its social position, material manifestation and architectural legacy.

Quote from the introduction of the publication by commissioner Matevz Čelik: This publication provides some insights into their (Aljoša Dekleva, Tina Gregorič) production of physical space and helps us better understand two integral and interconnected processes: how the fronts on which Dekleva Gregoric architects operate inform their architecture, and how through their architectural practice they open up new fronts (for further exploration).

Along with an introduction by commissioner Matevž Čelik and Dominique Boudet it also contains essays by Thibaut de Ruyter, Hrvoje Njirić, Miloš Kosec, Jure Grohar and Mateja Medvedič.

The book is available at MAO museum and online shop>>



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