MyMachine has been designed to connect early learners through students and pupils to industries as a creative process for inspiring learners, technologists, students, professionals and teachers on the way. The outcome is a working prototype of a child's dream machine. This simple idea cuts to the bone of each individual by inspiring creativity, responsibility, learning and product delivery. This is a Belgian initiative, that has been running in Slovenia since 2014 and is being launched in four other countries.

MyMachine – a simple plan:

The unique MyMachine-methodology is very simple and consists of 3 steps:

Step 1. Idea:
children from primary schools and kindergartens invent and present (via drawings, models, manuals, …) their own ‘Dream Machine’. Anything goes: from a machine that helps you to put peanut butter on a sandwich to a machine that cleans your room. The main criterion is that it’s relevant for the child who really, really wants it.

Step 2. Concept:
higher education students (e.g. product design, game design students) propose one or more solutions to design those machines. The best solutions selected by children are researched and further developed.

Step 3. Working prototype:
finally, the technical drawings/designs and working concepts are handed over to Technical Oriented Secondary Schools. They build real prototypes of those machines, assisted by the kids who invented them and the higher education students who designed them.

Throughout this whole process the children, pupils and students can use the expertise and support of a wide range of local corporations and organizations who share a common view on creativity and innovation.

MyMachine concludes with a final exhibition where all the drawings, concepts and prototypes from all the kindergartens, primary and middle schools and faculties that were involved in this process are shown. At the exhibition of MyMachine Slovenia, with which we are concluding our first cycle, the drawings of children, including those that were not selected for building of machines, and four built working prototypes will be at display.

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