International Instagram Competition


Siemens and MAO kindly invite you to take part in #CreatingPerfectPlaces Instagram competition.  

People typically spend up to 90 % of their time inside buildings. We are born inside them, get our education, live, exercise and work inside them. 

We are looking for photos that will highlight the importance of innovation, the use of smart technologies, interdisciplinary approaches and focus on man as the most important aspects in designing perfect living and creative environments.  

The theme of this competition relates to the exhibition Stanko Kristl, Architect. Humanity and Space which presents the extensive body of work of one of the most prominent Slovene architects. Constantly questioning the existing building typologies and ways of living – from residential buildings, atrium houses, kindergartens, schools and hospitals – Stanko Kristl proposed alternatives that are based on innovative, experimental as well as spatially and technologically advanced concepts. Through ingenious design methodologies for complex structures, systemic solutions, innovative details, unconventional use of materials and with numerous patents, Kristl and his designs dared to go beyond the known and the established, while putting man and his perception of space at the centre of his own creative endeavours. 

The competition is aimed at young architects, designers, photographers and other creative professionals active in designing living and working environments. Use the medium of photography and capture your vision of a perfect space and the potential innovative technologies have for improving our everyday life. 

Entries will be accepted throughout the competition which will run from 6 July to 17 August 2018. The best photos will be selected by a jury and will be displayed at Siemens corporate event to be held at the National Gallery in September. The first three photos as selected by the jury will be awarded prize money by the Museum of Architecture and Design in the following amounts: the winner will receive 500€, the first runner-up 300€, and the second runner-up 200€. 

If you want to share your vision of ideal space, grab your phone, snap a photo, tag it with #CreatingPerfectPlaces, upload the photo to your Instagram profile and enter our competition! 


Siemens in MAO